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I still think about this animation, even after so long. It still holds up. I love the sketchy, naive style that apparently gets more sure of itself the more it goes on. I just wish I could watch it with music again.

Over 20 years later and I still think about this piece of garbo. You should be proud of that at least.

"Ooooh, bugger..."

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I hate to be a harsh critic but I have to be here!!
Let's see...

Bad points:
*Very poorly drawn!! Either the artist is very unskilled or very lazy. The environments, the characters, the effects were all sloppy. You need to try harder to make it more appealing to the eye.
*The animation was shoddy. Very harsh and disturbing tweening going on, especially when Bridget was faking. If you're going to use tweens, you have to make it look a bit more realistic than that and make use of easing. Also, when the fluid comes out of the syringe, it looks like it's full of snakes.
*The voice acting was quite painful at times.
*It wasn't very rewarding to finish as the explanation was a bit abrupt.
*Going through cutscenes again and again when you fail is a pain. You didn't add the "skip" button at those times. I suggest you do.
Okay, that was your punishment. Now to the good bits!

*The voice acting, on the whole was very good. Like I said; only painful at times.
*The functionality of the game was it's saving grace. Good choices of questions that one would think would all be the right answers unless you REALLY think about it.

Summary: Brush up on your artwork and animation. Be a perfectionist with your voice actors, if it sounds off, get them to redo it. They're good actors but this is YOUR work. Don't let them let you down one bit! Pay more attention to peoples' patience by choosing to skip scenes and make it more rewarding at the end.


I hate the ending! Although I must have got the bad one. The rest of the game is shit-hot!

I gave you a 10 and voted 5

Because you included "Jill Sandwich"! My favourite qoute from the game!

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I lost myself listening to this!


You compelled me to head bang. Something I haven't done since before I cut off my long hair and that was nearly 6 years ago! Haha! Awesome, man!

Residing in the UK, studying at Plymouth College of Art and Design in animation. Take inspiration from Japanese animation and graphic novels. My favourite artists are Hayao Miyazaki and Yukito Kishiro.

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